Ah, the glory. :)

Forgive me while I continue to relish in the greatness of my own laptop.

I finally finished downloading Ranma1/2 Battle Rennasance for the PSX and ran it on the ePSXe emulator.

It could run, at 640x480, at about 250fps. I had to use frame limiting to make it reasonable. :))

All in all, not a great fighting game…but it’s fun having a 3D Genma as a 7 foot tall panda bear bitch slap a 3D Shampoo as a 6 inch tall cat!!!

The game plays like most fighting games, you select your characters (Ranma, Akane, Happosai, Kuno, Ryu(???), Genma, Shampoo, and Ryoga) and duke it out. During the fight, storms and hot water gysers will appear randomly, splashing one of the fighters and causing them to transform (if they have a form to change to). This fits with the overall feel of the show, with water appearing out of nowhere at the worst possible time.

It is kind of unbalanced though. Ranma is just as good as boy type or girl type (girl type is a little faster, and boy type a little stronger), Genma can outright murder people as a panda, but Shampoo and Ryoga are completely helpless as a cat and a piglet.

I’m now downloading Azure Dreams (on the absurd pretense that I will one day actually have time to play though it again in one last effort to beat it….), and Parappa the Rapper, mostly because I know Amber will love it. She’s fallen in love with StepMania, our PC DanceDanceRevolution clone…and while I am pounding away at the code of ATC, she is pounding away at the keyboard to the sound of “Us After This” from Ranma (a show she doesn’t even like). So, I think the idea of little cartoon animals rapping while you key in the words will appeal to her, as it appeals to everyone else that plays the game.

The absurd temptation to download Rhapsody is also upon me. Rhapsody is a “musical RPG”, clearly aimed more towards girls…but none the less, I have to admit that the whole concept of a RPG modelled after a musical calls to me, beckoning me with the very nature of its absurdity and strangness…

Just imagine, Squall has confronted the Sorceress at last, and, as they prepare to do battle, they burst into song!!! It’s like the opera!

Isn’t that COOL?!?!


Well, my tastes in RPGs are…uh…just more sophisticated…. ….


Don’t laugh at me!!!!!

I also kinda want to download the old Dead or Alive for…its….ummm…compelling counterattack system, and not its….other….less savory….features….

But Amber might rightfully divorce me if she ever saw me playing it….what with all the antigravity jiggling going on in that game…

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13 October 2004