Blogs I Follow

  • Marginal Revolution

    Small-l libertarian economics and social commentary from Tyler Cowen and Alex Tabarrok. Wider ranging than my description implies and always interesting.

  • Lowering the Bar

    Legal humor from Kevin Underhill. A great place to find odd ball legal situations, foolish criminals, and poorly behaving lawyers.

  • The Bottom Feeder

    Occasional rants about game making from Jeff Vogel. Posts tend to coincide with when he is trying to market a game, but they are still always worth reading.

  • BackReAction

    Theoretical physics for people fed up with endless nonsense in science journalism by Sabine Hossenfelder. Everything you kind of intuitively thought was wrong in theoretical physics but were embarressed to say, Sabine says. It is great fun to read along when she gets good and going about fellow physicists who think mathematical elegance is a reliable substitute for empiricism.

  • Starts With a Bang

    Theoretical physics for people who are not yet fed up with endless nonsense in science journalism by Ethan Siegal. Good information, but occasionally eye-rolling when Ethan gets on his high-horse about the absolute certitude of something which is still highly speculative. Counter-balance him with a dose of Sabine and you'll be alright.

  • SCOTUSblog

    Serious commentary on whats happening at the Supreme Court.

  • Matt Levine

    Bloomberg commentary by Matt Levine. Reliably funny and informative.

  • XKCD

    Not a blog, but what card-carrying geek doesn't check XKCD?

  • Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

    Not a blog, not as good as XKCD, occasionally eye-rollingly offensive, but reliably funny none the less.

  • Emily Short's Interactive Storytelling

    Emily Short writing about the cutting edge in Interactive Fiction. It's a bit pretentious sometimes, but she wrote Metamorphoses, then helped Graham Nelson create Inform 7.