Oh god, how I had forgotten the sweet feel of an accidental headshot down an office corridor with an AK-47.

I’ve been playing CS for the past hour. It was my first time playing in something like two years. I played CT. I scored fourth on a server of 18, second on my team. So, it was a very sweet return to action.

The american servers are slow as hell from here, so I played on a Chinese server.

Even if I have to play with a ping of 400 though, if any of youse guys have CS installed…we have to get our game on. Name the time, name the server, and, lords of the internet willing, I’ll be there baby.

With an AK ready to blow the top of your skull off!!!


I’m done writing polical entries for now. Maybe one more after the election results are announced, and then I’m shutting up.

You see, I just mailed off my ballot. My role in this whole “election” thing is over.

If Kerry miraculously wins Texas, you can, of course, attribute his victory solely to my wife and I’s absentee ballot.

Maybe he’ll make us ambassdors or something.

I read the transcript of the most recent debate and the moderator mentioned something….

IBM pays programmers in America 52 dollars an hour, and Chinese programmers 12 dollars an hour.

Having lived in China for a few year…my response to that is not the typical response….indeed…it is quite the opposite.

My first thought was, “Why the fuck am I teaching English for a lousy 3400 yuan a month, when I could be programming for 16000!!!!”

Honestly, in China, $12 USD an hour is being rich. Like rolling in money filthy rich. Like, “I’ll work for five years, and save money, and retire!” rich.

HuiPo is great.

She can play Doom3 (albeit, only playably at the lowest quality settings).

It is so damn apparent how slow the computer you’ve been using is when you get to use a decent quality one. I’m not talking about games or anything. Just using windows…its suddenly very apparent that little lag that disappears between when you, say, click on “My Computer” and when the “My Computer” window opens.

Jesus…it’s like 7PM, and I only barely know what my lessons tomorrow will be.

I have to work on my lesson plan, before morning comes.


Where the hell did Chris go?!?!

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09 October 2004