Just downloaded a really sweet Win32 shell replacement tool called Talisman.

If you’ve never seen it, you have to give it a try….


I’m still using the default theme, but it is fully programmable, so I plan on doing some serious long run tweaks.

It’s perfectly safe…it doesn’t actually replace anything, just changes three lines in your windows registry (and they tell which three they are in the documentation…so you can change them back later should anything catastrophic happen).

You can run it in application mode (it is just an application running on top of your windows desktop) or shell mode. Be sure to read the documentation on shell mode before you change to shell mode…You can mess up your computer moving to shell mode and making a certain (stupid, but possible) mistake.

It has a large memory footprint compared to explorer (20-30mb or so to explorer’s 10mb), so I wouldn’t do it unless you have at least 256mb of ram..and it consumes slightly more processing time…but doesn’t seem to be any biggy so far.

The only major bug so far, is that Steam doesn’t work on it…but that’s no big deal…I’ve already found a work around. :)

Other than that, it’s really sweet.

So give it a shot!

And now, the chorus of Fighting Through The Darkness, from Lunar SSS:

Fighting, through the darkness, all this evil. Still, we must press on. Flying towards the power that enslaves us yet we are not done. Racing towards the climax of the battle to return to love. Battle against the power. Evil forces, take heed.

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14 October 2004