I love Tycho.

I couldn’t have said this better:

“There are two branches to the discussion, one of which focuses on the mad rush to convert perfectly solid, genre defining 2d games into three dimensional piles of dogshit. The urge must just be overwhelming, because the results of this process are almost universally reviled. Gaze ye upon the insulting, monstrous Metal Slug 3D, for example. It is true that when the Metal Slug series began, technology of the sort used to project 3D scenes like that was not available. The presumption, I suppose, is that if two Ds are good, then three Ds must be glorious beyond imaginings. When they sodomize classics in this way, do they think of themselves as selfless intercessors between the technology gods and huddling, primitive peoples? Do they imagine that they are engaged in a work of unalloyed benevolence?

As it turns out, just because we can manipulate 3D images doesn’t mean that they are the ultimate solution for every task, in terms of the gameplay or in any other kind of terms. There are still marvelous possibilities inherent in the 2D plane which we have not discovered yet, and maybe we won’t ever, because that third dimension draws a man, like a nipple. When I play a game in the Guilty Gear series or pop in the punishing Viewtiful Joe, I breathe a sigh of relief. Somewhere, someone was able to resist the siren call.”

How wonderful….

Playing Wonder Project J, a SNES game, with its wonderfully animated sprites, reminded me of this. There are certain times when 2D is just plain better. 3D has its uses….I’m not wetting myself to play another 2D first person shooter or flight simulator. Final Fantasy made the leap to 3D gracefully, while other RPG’s suffered trying to follow.

But has anyone sat down to play the old SNES Link to the Past game…and wondered what it would be like, how wonderfully it could be…if they put their backs into making another 2D Zelda game?


I want to play games with my friends.

Does anyone have an online game (not MMORPG) they play now, that has low system requirements? I mean really low. This system won’t even run CounterStrike. It barely can squeeze Shattered Galaxy.

If nothing else was possible, I’d love to get together Aaron and Chris and Phillip and Ronny (if he can find the time) to download some freeware online Monopoly or something.




Anything where we can pretend that its the old days and we are all sitting together in a room crowded around a TV and playing games. The chat function could be our virtual parents living room. I’ll even get Amber to come online and pretend to be my mom insisting that she wants to watch TV now.

“But Mooooommmmm, we’re playing Soul Calibuuuuurrrrrrr!!”

“But Moooommmmmm, it’s the new Final Fantasssssyyyyyy! And we can’t saaavvvveeee here!”


I miss that.

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05 October 2004