And now the challenge has begun.

I asked my wife what I should write about now, and she said “bananas”.

So, I’m going to write my wife a little story about “bananas”. And if you misunderstand the meaning of this story, you just have a dirty mind, shame on you!

Here goes:

Once, a very long time ago, in the ages of last week, there lived a small banana named Peter. Peter was a sad banana because Peter was not very big. All the other bananas on the block were eight inches long, or ten inches long or even twelve inches long and Peter was only four inches long..

Who on earth would want to eat a four inch banana? What enjoyment can you get from that? I mean, you are just starting it, and its done. Finished. Kaput. AOOOGA!

One day, Peter was walking down the road, crying banana tears, when a young girl came along and took pity on the pour banana and swallowed it. This made Peter the banana very happy.

The end.

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16 August 2004