There once was a man, named Pete Bushumo. He lived in a house on bubblegum lane. This little man named Pete Bushumo loved bubblegum and he loved the arcade.

Well this little man named Pete Bushumo was walking down the street. Headin for arcades headin for gum headin for trouble and someone to meet.

Now, the person he met was named Kitty Bordan she was the fastest gun in the East. She came from China and she liked Tom Brocaw and she shot little Pete right there in the street.

Little Pete Bushumo was sad to die he went to meet his maker he went to the sky

Singing, —- “Heeeyyy… Kitty Bordan! Why’d you shoot me in my head?”

Say it, —- “Heeeyyy… Kitty Bordan! You shot me and now I’m dead!”

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16 August 2004