If you listen very closely, you can hear it everywhere around you. That little hum. It might sound like an air conditioner. A heater. The vacuum cleaner. A distant car or a passing plane.

But it’s not. It’s just the Sound. Isolate all other noises, and it will still be there. It is unavoidable, buzzing in your ears. Attacking your senses.

And if you listen, within the Sound, once you both recognize and have learned to accept its presence in your head, then you can hear the Voices, low and almost inaudible, but there. Whispering. Mumbling. Trying to tell you that one, irreversible fact that you feel straining against the barrier of your consciousness. That one thought you cannot have, can’t grasp, can’t even know its content.

But the Voices will tell you, just listen close enough. Close your eyes. Lock it all off, all your senses but that one. Find that humming noise, The Sound. And then, within that, find the Voice.

It will sound like just a mutter at first. A low whisper.

Keep trying.

It will make sense.

And what it will tell you, you will think will drive you mad.

But it won’t. It will make you sane. It will bring you that ultimate affirmation.

It will tell you that simple, nihilistic truth.

“You should not exist.”

“Reality should not exist.”

“Destroy it.”

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16 August 2004