We played army today, the six of us, with ranks organized by age, so that the two teenage boys were the generals, the twelve year old a captain, the ten year old a sergeant, and we eight year olds were privates.

This was the first time we played army, so that meant basic training. We did push ups and ran laps and did more push ups and got drinks for the officers, who didn’t have to do basic training because they were officers. After playing for a few hours, Tim, the other private, went home. After he left, and I stayed, one of the teenagers told me I was promoted and was now a corporal, and that next time I could tell Tim he had to finish his basic training, and order him to do push ups and run laps, and even get a Coke for me.

I went home excited, because I thought it would be fun to order Tim around, but we never played again.

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01 November 2019