In the time of the Green God, at the height of his triumpth, there came upon the world a man named Fion. This was in the time of Ainofiriano’s silence, when the Calloléra swore by the machine god, but Fion heard Ainofiriano’s whisper.

“Reject the Green god, the machine god, for he is false. His promises are tricks, and all his gifts contain hooks.”

“Reject the Red god, the Legion, for he is false. His promises are tricks, and his gifts cost subjection.”

“Reject the First Father and the Wise Ones, for their wisdom has failed, was always doomed to fail.”

“Reject Isil, for she is faithless, and she delivers her lovers to Estelune as readily as she leads them to me.”

“Choose Ainofiriano and be alone. You must be alone, that is Ainofiriano’s price, now and always.”

And this Fion repeated, and it was heard, and many came to Fion and heard him and followed him.

And Fion was not alone and he feared. Fion fled and was followed, further he fled and was followed. Finally, he stopped and remained with only a few hundred, and there he stayed and said, “This many and no more.” And Ainofiriano was pleased: “So long as you know all the names, you are alone together and this pleases me.”

So they settled, and Fion learned the names and taught the names, and Ainofiriano was pleased.

One day, Fion passed from the world. And no one was left who heard the whispers. The followers of Fion found others, so like them, whose names they knew not and so created a new name for those without names. Around the world they spread, and always carrying before them their new name, the shared name, the name for those without names.

They were not alone, and they rejoiced, and Ainofiriano was silent, promising only victory, and withholding his benedictions, and declaring his hatred for Isil, for the Green and Red gods, for the Wise Ones and for Estelune above all.

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28 January 2020