A great menace plagues this city. A young handy man, once plumb and true, has been warped by a society that did not appreciate his genius. His mind gone, he became Mismatch. He wanders the hardware stores with an evil grimace, sabotaging home improvement projects by opening bags of sized screws, and swapping some of their contents. Fair citizens, how many times have you found yourself trying to discover why one screw from a bag will not match a nut? How much pain have you felt? It was Mismatch, and his foul scheme to make all men despair of home improvement and become computer nerds.

Thankfully, someone is here to stop him. Recognizing the city’s dire need, bearing Husky brand power tools as my weapons, I have fashioned a mask from my Husky brand tool bag to conceal my true identity. Soon, fair citizens, fellow DIYers, brother handymen, we will reclaim our hardware stores from Mismatch.

Huskyman™ has appeared! “The toughest name in superheroes!”

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06 October 2019