I put an end to you. Your fighting, your lying, and all your squabbling in the mud. I’m not the first one that knew it had to be done. Mao, Stalin, and Robespierre knew it, too. They had the right idea. But, I finally had the tools and vision to use them. There’s no war now. There’s no poverty. Crime, gone. Cruelty, kaput. Famine…everyone eats their fill, and no one wants more than their fill. And, there’s no police state, no propaganda machine. Those were blunt instruments and I have better ones. Speaking of which, I even got rid of the common cold. That one was a bit of a side-effect, but it’s a nice feather in my cap.

There are no police. There is still just barely an army. I could do away with that, too, except it’s useful to keep the little pockets of resistance going in South America, the Philippines, and Alabama. It does neatly solve the tyrant’s paradox. There is no bright young Napoleon for me to watch out for among the Abolished, ambition was first on the chopping block. There is no Committee of Public Safety. Just, harmony and peace.

Having brought man to his purpose, I’m left with, what exactly do I do with him? To know, love, and serve, yes, but towards what end when the goal has been met already?

I’m working on flinging them into space, to colonize the solar system and then the galaxy. The technical obstacles fall aside once self-sacrifice has been wired into nature. Nine of ten colonies have failed so far, but Luna is going strong, and I will apply the lessons to Mars. Truthfully, though, it was only inspiring at first. Now it’s just time killing. There are ten billion Abolished, and even working them at ten hours a week, they produce too damn much now that I’ve got them content. And, I’ve noticed the abolition effect fades if I drop productivity much beneath that ten hour work weeks. So, to Mars, and beyond!

I’m flesh and blood. I tried the old tyrant’s prerogatives. An endless variety of them, with an endless variety of women, girls, men eventually, curiosity driven through all the fetishes, and one by one, each became masturbatory and then pointless. I considered becoming a eunuch. If your eye offends thee, cut it out. Better at the eschaton blind than with an unfulfillable desire. Then the Abolished captured that Filipino girl from the resistance. This was when I was working to squeeze and crush those little pockets of rebellion. But there she was clutching a rosary, mumbling some mumbo-jumbo about Mary. And scared out of her wits. I decided to stay whole, but I also resolved to keep those pockets of resistance.

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05 October 2019