Today was my first day at a new job, and so far, so good. Like a first day anywhere, it starts off a little overwhelming. But I like the people in my "pod," and so far at least I like the work I'm doing. It's a little unsettling doing the whole "pair program" thing on your first day when you really don't know the code-base, don't know the IDE (they use IntelliJ), and half your work is just getting your system configured. But I think it will grow on me, and I will feel a little less like I am dragging things down as I get used to IntelliJ and the new company's way of doing things.

Stepping back a moment, what the hell is a "pod" (I imagine you asking)? A group of three developers and two testers that work together on tasks, though, counter-intuitively, people regularly pair outside their own pod. I think it just provides organizational structure.

I was placed in one of the Android pods. Even though I, personally, am an iPhone user. On the one hand, that's cool, I get it, I can prove I know Java, but less so Objective-C. On the other hand, kinda wished I'd been placed on the iPhone side of the house. But you know what? It's cool. It sounds like there's more than a little cross-pollination, and hopefully I'll have a chance to switch sides of the house once I've proven myself. And if not, hey, I got nothing against Google.

More later, but so far, I think I like this new joint.

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01 July 2014