In case you haven't noticed, after posting nothing for years on what was originally started to be a dev blog for a game-development contest, I've renamed rebranded the page into a personal blog and actually started writing again, at least a little bit.

Mostly I'm doing it because I feel like I used to have a way with words on paper, and now... now I do not. I flatter myself, I know, but whatever level of writing talent I had ten years ago is definitely not present in my soul now, so there has been a decline, because now the whole thing feels unnatural to me. And I'm not happy about that. I don't think I'll ever start writing short stories unfinished novels again, mind you. That ship has sailed. And that's fine because I made my choices. A man can't do everything, and my brief stint with a paying writing career did not fill me with joy and happiness and fulfillment, but rather made me feel like slime.

I'd rather read.

But a blog post now and again, that's different. That just helps to keep the gears spinning. And it doesn't hurt that (this month anyway), the better half is out almost every day for a training course. Blogging beats the alternative. Lately, I've just been sitting around wondering what point life has when you are :

  • bored with games
  • not at work
  • and away from your significant other.

That's how I've been filling the evenings, Monday through Thursday, for the past few weeks, and it doesn't work.

Instead, I can fill the void with a journal. Get some good practice in, and maybe have a good habit that will stick in the following months.

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01 July 2014