“…‘Darling’, it was pleasant knowing you…using you…but as the ancients said, ‘Omnus bios daroth, Omnus patha homa.”

A cloud of darkness surrounded Alexia, and as it dissiapated, she was gone, leaving only the echo of her cold laughter and the sphere of darkness, now expanding violently, behind her.

Anthony stood half a second watching it in raw fascination of its unrelenting expansion, stopped only for a few moments by the high pitched pulse it gave off as the matter swallowed by it was destroyed to fuel the next one.

He ran without looking back, climbing the staircase of two hundred steps by strides of three or four per leap. He made each step at the edge of his balance. The edges of his thought pictured himself missing one step and falling backwards into nothingness, or maybe forward, to break a rib and feel as inch by inch of his body was swallowed and left existance. Perhaps the expansion would stop halfway up his body, and he would have time to think before he heard the pulse and….

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12 January 2005