I wrote a very long post about the recent developments at the school.

Somewhere between my computer’s memory and LJ, it got lost.

So now, I am writing a very short post.

Shaun has left over a pay dispute that seems really petty, making me think there was something deeper.

Howie is sneaking his chinese girlfriend who is half his age into is apartment in violation of school rules, and is refusing to pay his phone bill, which is now at 800RMB. An especially asshole thing to do considering that Shirly’s name is on the credit bit, and I’d be shocked if she was paid that much in two weeks. He is also scaring the schoolgirls, apparently, and I would be very shocked if he didn’t walk within the next few weeks. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

Almost all the foreign teachers are working overtime now because of Shaun’s abrupt exit. Almost all the foreign teachers complaining about it except for the two foreign teachers who are working more overtime than anyone else (Amber and I).

Numerous teachers refused to comply with the rules mandating that we use a curve to grade the students, and fail a minimum of 3% of them per class. So, now they are threatening to dock the pay of teachers that do not do as they are told. This is going to start a shit storm. The school’s “not tell anyone until the last possible moment, and then tell as few people as possible” method of management is not going to serve it well in this situation…All sides of this are being hopelessly stupid (except for the vetern teachers, who know to expect this, and the japanese teachers, who are probably going to be wondering pretty soon what the fuck the problem is…).

We had 30 teachers at the start of the term. Two were set to go anyways, as their contract is expiring and they are ready to move on, and one more has already abandoned ship, and thus screwed over the school, his students, and the other teachers. Howie will be gone by January, if not by midDecember. I’d be shocked if at least one more doesn’t disappear during Spring Festival.

What is it about China that has so many responsible adults acting like spoiled teenagers working at the local Burger King?

I was wrong about the frat boys. It’s apparently the old people that are a problem this year.

Don’t get me wrong, the frat boys aren’t a shining example of professionalism. But, at least so far as I know, they haven’t started screwing school staff out of hundreds of RMB yet, or up and disappeared midterm.

I’m going to buy Shirly a very nice present for Christmas….she’s having to put up with this Howie asshole.

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22 November 2004