First two classes over. One more to go today, and boy do my feet hurt.

I know, I’m spoiled. Just need a week to get into the motions.

I can get coke and fanta in glass bottles here for 10 cents a peice. One more thing to make everyone jealous.

In other news, I met Banjo Pete the other day, playing his harmonica in the gutter and chompin down on some left over canned catfood.

I said, “Hi!” and he said “Plha!” and we had quite the nice time together, just hanging out in his gutter.

Then the sun started to set, and I realized I better be getting home. Home, to my warm bed, electrical appliances, and DVD player.

I felt sorry for Banjo Pete, and just a little bit guilty, so I put my arm around his neck, said “Pete, I love you man. You know that, don’t you?”. And I snapped his neck and left him in his gutter, lying there with his hamonica and his catfood, paralyzed from the neck down.

I went home, to my warm bed, electrical appliances, and DVD player. And I had that certian spring in your step that comes from a deed well done.

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16 September 2004