Are there worlds beside our own?

This is the question that haunted Marvin Griff as he watched the NASA space shuttle, lifting off into the sky on his television. An eleven year old boy, full of questions, not quite full of answers.

Is there intelligent life on other planets?

The space shuttle was interrupted by an important looking man in a business suit, looking sternly into the camera, “We interrupt this NASA launch to bring you an important announcement!” A pause for suspense, as Marvin Griff went wide-eyed with wonder, and fear, at what could be so important, so pressing as to interrupt mankind’s exploration of the world beyond that silky blue sky.

“Are you suffering from stress due to money problems? Tune in at five to find out how a new medical breakthrough can save you worry, assuming you have the cash for the prescription!”

And somehow, Marvin Griff got the feeling that intelligent life just wasn’t all that common in the universe…

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16 August 2004