A few weeks ago we discovered a spider had taken up residence directly above the door of our house. Nor is it exactly a tiny one. Of course, my first reaction is "Good Lord, let's kill it or move it or something." But that's not a very sensible reaction. After all, if it's harmless, then it's a beneficial creature to have around. Kills flies and so forth. So we let it be, but until today I never took the time to take a photo and find out what species it is.

Our new resident
Our new resident

Turns out it is a black-and-yellow garden spider. Aptly named, and completely harmless. Baring an allergic reaction to the venom, the worst it can do to a human is a few days of itching. And not even that, since they are not known to be particularly aggressive. And, this is nice, they are also known as "writing spiders." I don't know why it is, but I choose to believe it is because they are very inspired by the famous 'Charlotte,' and can burst into web-woven haiku at a moment's notice. Which would be a very, very cool way to greet visitors.

'Weaving by the door
a spider passes her time
all are welcome here'

But so far, no haiku. Maybe she has writer's block.

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12 July 2014