Arg….six hours of listening to midterm speechs, and knowing that somehow I have to find a way to fail 3 of the 90 students that speak today.

The good part of all this is its easy….I sit there and read or draw or something for 30 minutes while they prepare…and then I sit and do nothing but listen for an hour and half….then repeat…and have lunch…and repeat.

The bad news is its boring, and the students are scared out of their wits by the new rule that requires me to fail some of them no matter what (granted…there are a few that probably deserve it…but it bugs me to fail someone based on their performance in an extremely subjective oral english test).

If you would like to test me, I can recite every line of the Harry Potter and the Prisoners of Azkabah movie from memory now. It’s a good movie to show to students, so I’ve shown it to 6 of my classes, plus Amber has shown it to 5 of her classes. That makes about 13 times total I have seen the movie.

If Lupin tells Harry that chocolate will help, it really helps, one more time, I think I will turn into a werewolf and kill everyone around me, including that pretty boy Harry, that annoying know-it-all Hermione, and most of all that wuss Ron. Neville I’ll spare because he really grows a pair and starts kicking some ass in “Order of the Pheonix”. I think great things are going to happen for this boy in future books.

Or, he’ll die a heroic death. One or the other.

I suppose I’d better go give my midterms.


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11 November 2004