The year now is 2249.

It was three years ago that the space time anomaly happened at the M-brane Research Accelerator in Gamma Sector Q6. A research team shattered the quantum-reality boundry, wrecking havoc upon the universe and unleashing from the late twentieth century a foe we had long thought gone.

It was three years ago that my family was killed by the FLLA, unleashed by those foolish scientists, pursuing that mad dream of power over the universes.

My wife, Wanda.

My two children, Quebec and Samual.


Destroyed by a Strawberry Trooper of the FLLA, the Fruit Loops Liberation Army.

What remains of the history books tell us that, in the twentith century, in their orginal form, the Fruit Loops were harmless, a mere breakfast cereal. They were only a dozen millimeters across, and tasty when served with bovine mammory secretions.

Nowadays, with the quantum reality boundry shattered, they are a fierce foe. The Strawberry Trooper that killed my family was over twenty meters in diameter. It was no longer just a circle of artifically flavored bread…it was a mettallic alloy, impentrable to our modern weapons, and red, like the blood of my boys it spilled.

It’s legs….the history books tell us they didn’t have legs back then, how I long to live in such a time….are mechanized modules, with ion pulse rifles built into the knee joints, and antimatter rockets that fire from the legs.

The arms were the same, except they weilded giant battle axes in their massive hands, destroying whole buildings with one swipe of the razor sharp, never dulling, blade.

The center was the worst, a maniacally laughing vortex that sucked away the soul of my wife. Time has no meaning within the Fruit Loop vortex….when I finally killed the Strawberry Trooper that got my wife, I could still hear her screams emminating from that unholy void where her psych will never rest.

No one knows when this war will end.

Time seems meaningless now.

All we can do is fight, for our sanity, for our lives, for our freedom.

Help us, People of the Twentieth Century.

You are the best weapon against the Fruit Loops. In the past…your present….all you need to stop them are bovine mammory secretions, a spoon, and your digestive acids.

Do your part for humanity.

God bless you.

God bless the Human Race.

Lt. Cmndr. Alfred Pachuna Resistance Command

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04 September 2004