Had lunch with the admin and all the other foreign teachers today.

There are way too many of them for me to remember all of them, something like thirty foreign teachers.

Lots of guys my age, which surprises me and worries me, because I’m scared how they act, as young American men, is going to reflect on me. Most of them are single.

Why is this a problem?

The girls here are hot. This isn’t just my liking of asians, it’s the simple truth. I don’t think I’ve seen one ‘ugly’ girl yet. They are also extrememly niave and trusting. They are all between the ages of 19 and 24. They are forbidden from having romantic relationships by school rules.

All these young guys must be 22-25.


The last thing I need is the administration of the school second guessing my contract because some frat boy decides to violate the student/teacher relationship and start humping a school girl.

Maybe I’m worried about nothing…..

…but one of these guys, on his first trip downtown into the city, the only place where some important supplies can be bought, a one hour bus ride each way…bought a six pack of beer and nothing else. No food. No teaching supplies. Nothing to entertain himself in the overwelming boredom that can be ShengDa College sometimes.


That scares me. What impression is that supposed to give other than “irresponsible frat boy”? It’s not just that he drinks, thats fine. I drink too, now. It’s that this implies it is very high on his priorities, which is not fine.

I guess I should mind my own business.

Just something that bothered me.

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01 September 2004