Justin sat in front of the computer screen, his fingers moving across the keyboard like the leg of a spastic spider and the code flying past on the screen.

JC disabled the security system of Illumnati Corporation HQ, corporate motto: “Yes, we do rule the world!”

Chris took up his position on the roof, the 45 calibur custom rifle with high powered telescopic sight.

Lance used his super human strength to barricade all the avenues of escape.

And Joey walked in the front door, carrying two desert eagles, three grenades, a sawed off shotgun, and a Mac10.

Since the beginning of time, boy bands have been the only barrier protecting humanity from the great evils of the world.

In WWII, it was the Big Bands.

In the Cold War, it was the Beatles and New Kids on the Block.

In Asia, it was Glay.

In the turbulant 90’s and on, it has been a group of young men truely NSync with their role in fighting evil, toppling dictatorships, fighting terrorists, stopping the Neo-Nazis and the Zionist Conspiracy numerous times in their quest to control humankind towards their evil aims.

God bless these young men who take up the cause of Good in these turbulant times.

God bless Justin, JC, Chris, Lance, and Joey.

God bless NSync.

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27 August 2004