I’ve just finished watching Hong Kong horror movie, “The Eye”. My feelings are mixed. Spoilers within.

On the one hand, it is filled with people doing things so implausible that I absolutely could not maintain the mood of it.

Honestly, you are a psychiatrist. Your patient, who just got an eye transplant, starts telling you about how she was always told she was an extraordinary person, and now she knows it is true because she sees ghosts. Do you assist her in dealing with these dillusions? Or talk the surgeon that gave her the eye transplant into jeopardizing his career so you can get the donors name and go flying off to Thailand to find her family?

And when you get to Thailand, you ask the family doctor to tell you where you can meet them, and he tells you no, that’s confidential. So, crazy lady tells them that she can see ghosts now. That changes his mind, and he takes them to the house personally.

Where you meet the mom of the girl. Who acts like she doesn’t want you around and leaves the room. This is when crazy girl says, “I think I’ll sleep in the room where she commited suicide.” and the psyciatrist, who is now her boyfriend, “Okay. I’ll sleep in the room next door.” No one bothers to ask the woman that OWNS the house if they can sleep in the room where her daughter commited suicide?

And why, precisely, does the mother leave the rope that was used for the suicide hanging tied to the rafter? Wouldn’t she, you know, in the months that have passed in this time, taken that down? Because it might be a little disturbing?

Of course, that would ruin the plot.

What was the deal with the priest?

On the other hand, despite someone doing something outrageously out of character every five minutes so as to make the writers not have to, you know, THINK…..it was STILL a spooky movie.

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17 August 2004