In the Dark Age, before the return of the Calloléra, in the thirty-fourth year since the creation of the world, before the year of Yelloturë’s ascendence, came Calemorinna from the Sea. Where Calemorinna went, song followed, so that she was also called Gwethlir.

Two escorts followed her north from the Sea. Fof, who was also called by those who truly knew him, Kanda. Fof as born a cripple, his hips crooked from the earliest age, and if Calemorinna’s song can be trusted, and her songs are truer than most learned books, there was a thought to have him given in sacrifice to those who speak well of death, and it was assumed he would die young even if he were not given in sacrifice.

Yet, the lady Calemorinna had pity on him and loved him dearly and would sing to him, and she would not give him over to those who spoke well of death. And, he would adore her, sit with her, and walk with her, though he couldn’t walk far.

One time, while the lady was off on an errand, Fof was escorting the Lady Mother, whose wisdom was acquired even before the creation of the world, at the time when the Calloléra warred on the Ents, and when the Green God was slain by the Red. The Lady Mother, though wise, was frail. And she fell that day. And there were none about but Fof.

It was Fof, the cripple, the one saved from those who speak well of death, who saved her, who pulled her from the ground and gentle carried her home. The song describes his tears, as he was already tired, and could scarcely carry his own weight, and could never walk far, and wouldn’t walk at all except to escort Calemorinna or the Lady Mother. And the Lady Mother was greater than his own weight, for he was a small man, being crippled from birth.

Yet, he carried her.

When Calemorinna heard of this, she grasped the poor man and whispered in his ear the accolade. This is why Fof is also called Kanda, and since that day has been the escort of Calemorinna, as a knight of the Order of Sarnidac.

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16 August 2019