In the beginning was the First Father, Lord of Hosts, Lord of the Calloléra, from whose lips was found no falsehood, who served Ainofiriano, who did not find lordship a thing to be grasped. Through his victories he begot the world and raised it as a son. For this reason we call him First Father. We have no other name for him.

The First Father did not write the scripture, for the scriptures could change, and from the lips of the First Father came no falsehood. The scriptures were written by the Wise Ones, who had the faith of the First Father and who had faith with the First Father. The Wise Ones served Isil and were the foremost among the Calloléra. We praise the Wise Ones and honor their memory, but it is from the Name of the First Father that all imperial wisdom comes.

Though the First Father served Ainofiriano, he came before Ainofiriano. This is a great mystery. The Wise Ones served Isil, and Isil was there from the beginning, before memory was Isil.

It is through the Calloléra that men became man, and through the Calloléra that men remained beasts. This is also a great mystery. The Wise Ones are due honor and respect and their scriptures are written on the hearts of all the Calloléra to this day. However, the Wise Ones served Isil, and it is from Isil that darkness comes.

The Calloléra were warned about the Wise Ones by the followers of Ainofiriano, but the First Father had their faith and they his, and the Calloléra disregarded the warnings of Ainofiriano. They were wise in their own eyes and had the First Father and the Wise Ones before them.

There have been Four Great Wars. The first was the war against the outer darkness from which the First Father led the host of the Calloléra to create the world, and once every year we recreate his victory, and honor his memory, and honor the Calloléra, we Calloléra who live today, even those who serve Ainofiriano, who cautioned against the first Great War, even those who serve Isil, who supporteed it, even those who serve Estelune, who relished the bloodshed and who has thirsted greatly in the outer darkness from his fall in the ages before the world was created, from the age when he drank from the blood of the innocents and whose fire was only quelled by the Antecedents, who were before the world, before Ainofiriano, and before the First Father. This is also a great mystery.

The second Great War was amongst the Calloléra, and the only time the Calloléra warred amongst themselves. After the death of the First Father, the Wise Ones ruled in his stead. And though the First Father had faith in them, and they in he, the First Father served Ainofiriano, and the Wise Ones served Isil. Darkness shook the earth, but the Wise Ones held it back, and the Calloléra did not foresake them. However, only Esteluna, Ainofiriano, and Isil do not die. Just as the First Father, who was best among them, died, so the Wise Ones died. One by one they died, and when the last of the Wise Ones died, on that self-same day, the Calloléra turned on one another, and never since have the Calloléra spoken with one voice or acknowledged wisdom.

With fire they turned on one another, those who swore by the Green God, the strange god, the new god, the metal god, turned on those who swore by the earth. And those who swore by the earth turned on those who swore by the Green God, and Estelune drank deep of the blood of the Calloléra. They did not swear by Isil or by Ainofiriano. They swore by the strange Green God and the earth. In the sunken continent did Estelune drink deepest, to the misery of those who swore by the earth and the jubiliation of the Green God. Then, having drunk deep, did Estelune sleep deeply, and the Green God came to be worshipped by the Calloléra, even taking the honors of the First Father, and of Ainofiriano, and of Isil, as Estelune slumbered, until the third Great War.

When Estelune awoke, he yearned for his home in the outer darkness, from which he was cast out by the Antecedents. To the Ents, who resided in the outer darknesses, who were the enemies of the Antecedents in the time before the creation of the world, he poisoned their thoughts against the Calloléra and against their friends, building slowly their resentments and their anger. For years he poisoned them, whispering envy, revenge, and bitterness. And so the Ents rose. Against all did they rise! From the forests, they rose against the world, against the darkness, against Ainofiriano and the Green God and Isil did they rise! Against the boat men did they rise, and against the Yheti did they rise. Rejecting every honorable thought of the First Father and the Wise Ones did they rise. Against the Calloléra did they rise.

Against the Calloléra they fell in bitter defeat, and the Green God rejoiced! The earth rejoiced! The boat men and the forests and the darkness rejoiced! Ainofiriano rejoiced! Isil rejoiced! The Yheti rejoiced! All who honor the First Father and the Wise Ones rejoiced and there was joy as there had never before joy before among the Calloléra. And Estelune rejoiced, for he had drunk deep indeed, and from his slumber dreamed scarlet dreams.

With cunning did Estelune whisper when he awoke, again to the Ents. But also to the Antecedents, to the Yheti, to those who worshipped the fire before the world began, he whispered dark thoughts. Patience he counciled, but hatred as well. Patience for Estelune knew he must destroy the Calloléra, and so in the dark of night, he approached the Green God, and in his drunken slumber, slew him. And the Calloléra mourned their lost god. Even those who swore by the earth, who followed Ainofiriano, who followed Isil. All the Calloléra had come to love the benediction of the machine god. The Calloléra tore their shirts and wore sackcloth. They walked in ash and cried in the darkness, and it was then that Ents arose, arose with the Antecedents, with the Yheti, with those who worshiped fire before the world began, they arose. Against the Eldar, whom Ainofiriano loved, they took out their envious fury.

And the Calloléra were silent. They had lost the strange god, and no longer had the earth. At the urging of the Green God had they abandoned the ways of the Wise Ones, and they had forgotten the grace of the First Father. The imperial proclamations, issued in the First Fathers name, mocked his memory and his councils. And Estelune, for the first time since he was cast out by the Antecedents, walked openly upon the earth, drinking the blood of the innocents.

The Calloléra rose from their mourning late, too late, and found that Estelune held the earth in his claws. Now the Calloléra walk in drowsiness, and lacking the green god, lacking the First Father, lacking all but Ainofiriano, who had counciled them against the first war and the creation of the world, bent their back to pass under the yoke of Estelune, and yielded the world to his maw.

In this world, Vanyanan was born and was betrayed by Liswamire, and betrayed did betray the earth and his most faithful servants and his own master, Ainofiriano. In the betrayal of Liswamire was Estelune born, through the unholy whisperings of the desert god. This is a great mystery, for Estelune precedes the creation of the world and was cast from the outer darkness by the Antecedents before the world began. Only Ainofiriano can answer, and he is silent before the Calloléra, before his betrayers. From Ainofiriano we have only the oath of victory, given before the First Father, and of hatred for the Green God, for Isil, for the Wise Ones, and for Estelune above all. From Ainofiriano, we have no benedictions, only silence and assurance.

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16 April 2018